How To Bypass Windows 11 Connect to WiFi Requirement Like A Pro

bypass Windows 11 Connect to WiFi
Windows 11 is a sleek OS but it has its downsides during provisioning. Here’s how to bypass Windows 11 connect to WiFi requirement.

Windows 11, Microsoft’s cutting-edge operating system, has captured attention for its sleek design and advanced features. While many users appreciate the convenience of a Microsoft account during setup, others prioritize privacy and autonomy such as having the ability to skip connecting to the Internet while doing the initial setup. Here’s a step by step guide on how to bypass Windows 11 connect to WiFi requirement.

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Bypass Windows 11 Connect to WiFi Setup: Step by Step

Step 1: Begin the Windows 11 Setup Process

Switch on your computer until the the main setup window appears.

Step 2: Access the Command Prompt

Launch command prompt by pressing the ‘Shift + F10’ keys. On some systems especially laptops you might need to press the ‘Fn + Shift + F10’ keys.

Shift + F10


Fn + Shift + F10

Step 3: Execute the BypassNRO Command

In the command prompt window, type in the command ‘OOBE\BYPASSNRO’. This command bypasses the network requirement during Windows 11 setup.

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Step 4: System Restart

Your computer will the restart automatically and will boot up to the main Windows 11 setup screen again.

Step 5: Choose “I don’t have internet”

When you reach the network setup screen there will be an option “I don’t have Internet” available for you to click on.

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Step 6: Continue with Limited Setup

Click on “Continue with limited setup” and proceed to create a local user account.

Step 7: Complete the Setup

Once the setup is complete, you can enjoy using Windows 11 with a local user account.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have successfully bypassed the internet connection requirement during Windows 11 setup, allowing you to enjoy the operating system with a local user account.

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