How to setup an awesome fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel on Ubuntu 20-04 LTS hosted in Oracle Cloud

setup an awesome fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel
This article guides on how to setup an awesome fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel in Oracle Cloud instance.

Having a fast website is essential and one of the determining factors of getting good rankings in Google’s search list. One of the ways to achieve this is by having your WordPress based site hosted on a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. So folks, here’s a relatively short guide on how to setup an awesome fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel in Oracle Cloud instance.

fast LiteSpeed web server

In my previous article, I’ve setup an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure free tier. You get two free compute instances for the life of your account, which is superbly great. The specs aren’t bad either as you can see below.

oracle compute free tier specs
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Always Free tier specifications

One thing to note is that you’ll need to have a credit card to register on Oracle Cloud and you may get charged US$1 for verification but it will be revoked once it is completed.

Why host WordPress on a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server?

In the old days, WordPress was normally hosted on an Apache web server. Then came along Nginx which took things to another level. Now LiteSpeed should be the choice as it is superbly fast and enables your WordPress site to embrace newer technologies such as HTTP/3 and QUIC easily.

LiteSpeed versus Apache and NginX
LiteSpeed versus Apache and Nginx

There are two versions of LiteSpeed web servers available. The first one is the open source version called OpenLiteSpeed and the commercial version which is, I think you can correctly guess it, called LiteSpeed.

The main advantage of deploying the open source OpenLiteSpeed is that you’ll be at the forefront of cutting edge releases whilst deploying LiteSpeed ensures stability. Being an IT Engineer and doing support on the side for ten years, I value stability more nowadays.

Even more good news is that the commercial version starts at US$0. Really, I’m not kidding. It really is free.

The free commercial license is good to be used with 1 domain hosted on a server with less than 2GB of RAM which is perfect for the free compute instances provided in Oracle Cloud. Another advantage is that you get to fully utilize the LSCache WordPress plugin if you deploy your site on a LiteSpeed web server.

Setup an Awesome Fast LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with CyberPanel And Management

First ensure that the below requirements are met to be able to run CyberPanel and LiteSpeed.

Operating systemCentos 7, 8 | Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04
FrameworkPython 3.X
MemoryAbove 1 GB and below 2GB
Minimum requirements for CyberPanel and LiteSpeed

Launch PuTTY and connect to your Ubuntu server. Run the command below to update and upgrade the packages available in your server.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

To setup a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server you will need to install it whilst being root. Run the commands below to set the root password and then switch to root user.

sudo passwd root

Set your preferred password and next change to root user with the command below.

su –

Enter the password that you’ve set for the root account and then enter the command below to start installing CyberPanel and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

sh <(curl || wget -O –

root user install cyberpanel litespeed

Once the CyberPanel package finishes downloading it will trigger a script for you to input your license and feature selections. Select option 1 as in the image below to install CyberPanel.

cyberpanel installer

Setup an Awesome Fast LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with CyberPanel: Installing CyberPanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise

Next in this guide to setup a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server is to choose option 2 which is to “Install CyberPanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise“.

install litespeed enterprise

It will then require you to enter your LiteSpeed license. If you haven’t done it yet, to obtain the free LiteSpeed Enterprise license just head over to their website and register yourself by clicking on the ‘Free Starter‘ package.

litespeed enterprise license

The following table below shows my selections for the features offered by the CyberPanel and LiteSpeed setup.

Redis mass hostingYes
Install full service for CyberPanel (PowerDNS, PostFix, Pure-FTPdNo
Remote MySQLNo
Latest version of CyberPanel (v2.0.3)Yes (Enter)
Default admin password(As preferred)
Memcached extension and back-endNo
Redis extension and back-endYes
Watchdog for web and database servicesNo
CyberPanel and LiteSpeed feature selections

Below are images of my feature selections for your reference. You can adjust the selections above according to your preferences if it differs from mine. I’m not going to judge you.

cyberpanel options

I like to keep processes to a minimal, so for DNS, e-mail and FTP, I am using external providers such as Cloudflare and Zoho.

cyberpanel options 2

Setup an Awesome Fast LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with CyberPanel: Separating the Web and Database Servers

If you want to separate your web server and database server, please choose ‘yes‘ for the Remote MySQL option. Oracle Cloud is giving you two free compute instances. It is certainly a good idea to create that kind of setup to distribute server loads efficiently. Furthermore this setup is to better protect your database.

Once you are done selecting your preferences the script will do its job to setup your fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel. This usually takes around 20 minutes or so. Take a break, make a cup of coffee and relax.

cyberpanel litespeed installation started

Once everything is complete you’ll get the results as below along with the credentials needed to access CyberPanel and WebAdmin. Remember to take a screenshot or copy the information below to a safe place for future reference.

litespeed cyberpanel installation complete

Setup an Awesome Fast LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with CyberPanel: Allowing Traffic to Flow In

The last task in this article about setting up a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server is that you need to allow traffic to ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), and 8090. Head over to your Oracle Cloud account and go to the Oracle virtual cloud networks (VCN).

oracle cloud virtual cloud network

Go through the VCN name, subnet, and security list option that is tied to your virtual server and add ports 80, 443, and 8090 into the security list by clicking on the blue ‘Add Ingress Rules‘ button.

ingress rules

Just change the destination port range to ports 443 and 8090 to add the other two ports. You should have something similar as below.

ports allowed in VCN

And with that, congratulations of finishing your deployment of a fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server.

Conclusion: Setup an Awesome Fast LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with CyberPanel

Having a fast web server is a must nowadays to ensure the visibility of your website in search engine results. Furthermore having a fast loading WordPress site improves your visitors retention period and provides a greater user experience resulting in frequent future visits too.

A fast LiteSpeed Enterprise web server with CyberPanel will help you achieve the above target and setup is not that complex. If you are only managing 1 domain than the free license is ripe for the taking.

If you are hosting more domains inside one server, the monthly cost is not that expensive either to enjoy the speed and environment that LiteSpeed Enterprise has too offer. Click on the banner below and use coupon “NEWUSER10” to enjoy a recurring discount of the license or licenses ordered.

litespeed enterprise banner
Remember to use coupon NEWUSER10 for a recurring discount at checkout!
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